Spinal Decompression & Mobilization

Spinal (back) pain
✔ 8 out of 10 people experience some type of spinal (back) pain in their life.


• Only 10% of people with herniated disc problems that cause noticeable symptoms eventually undergo surgery.


• Spinal disorder is the no.1 reason for work related and lifestyle related disorder.


• Spinal disorder causes almost 30% of loss in employee productivity.

Cervical Symptoms

• C5 : Innervates the deltoid and biceps and gives sensation to the dermatome over the deltoid.

• C6 : innervates the dermatome over the lateral forearm and hand and innervates the wrist extensors.

• C7 : innervates the small dermatome over the middle finger plus the triceps, wrist flexors and finger extensors.

• C8 : supplies the dermatome of the medial hand and forearm plus the finger flexors.

• T1 : supplies the intrinsic muscles of the hand, the interossei, and the dermatome on the medial upper arm.
Lumbar Symptoms