Core Functions of Spine MT Series

Spinal Decompression & Mobilization

About function
Describe the key features of the Spine MT Series.
1. Pelvic function: As CSF is activated by stimulating the sacrum, the therapeutic effect is maximized.

2. Decompression function: By making the disc pressure lower, the self-healing is naturally induced.

3. Correctional function: Customized treatment such as ‘stop-position’ and ‘unilateral’ functions can be applied.

4. Mobilization function: It increases the effectiveness of the treatment by extending the deep muscles of the affected area through mobilization.

5. Lesion function: This makes it possible to treat patients intensively by accurately targeting the affected area.

6. Others
• Chiropractic therapy for all-across spine bones including pelvis, sacrum, vertebra, thoracic vertebra, cervical vertebra and etc.
• Treatment pattern carried out with operation, decompression, and movement.
• Decompression therapy on lumbar vertebra and cervical vertebra.
• 3D treatment by simultaneously applying angle adjustment and decompression function on rotational, one sided, and decompressed region.
• Provides easy patient care by providing information on the treatment and treatment status implemented into the patient DB.
Application of Treatment Principle by James M. Cox, D.C.

Manual therapy using joint mobilization techniques and flexion-distraction techniques is considered an effective intervention for addressing low back pain and disc heights in patients with chronic low back pain

Application of Treatment Principle by James Cyriax, MD

Diagnosis should be made by manual muscle testing for manipulation treatment as the pain area is not always same as basis area (referred pain). Treatment with flexion-distraction techniques is used to restore damaged spinal nerves and surrounding structures by reducing the stricture of the para-spinal ligaments, increasing the movement of metabolites in discs, reducing the stress and internal pressure imposed on the posterior discs through the opening of the spinal facet joints, and expansion intervertebral foramens.