Our Decompression System

Spinal Decompression & Mobilization

Shinhwa Medical Co., Ltd. Decompression System
Logarithmic system
• Applies decompression using the non-linear logarithmic curve to minimize the muscular tonic reflex to induce negative pressure (decompression)

Feedback system
• A system that handles the data from the sensors(1/1,000ms) faster than the human neural response speed(20/1,000ms) to minimize the muscle tone and maintain decompression

✔ Decompression process interrupt conditions

1. When the bio feedback responses, indicating muscle tonus are returned to the sensors
- Sensor measure time : 2.5/1000 m/s
- Decompression control time : 25/1000 m/s
- Decompression operation velocity : 2/1000 m/s

2. When the decompression operation module operates over the decompression power

※ Feedback system :
When the detected values from the sensors attached to the decompression module deviates from the normal values, the decompression module controls the muscle contractions faster than the neural muscular response to maintain the internal pressure of the disc at negative pressure.
3-D Decompression System
• A system that configures the device 3-dimensionally following biomechanical and medical principles to treat the lesion [herniation site, herniation type, herniation level]

✔ Decompression Mechanism

Cervical Decompression System

• Cervical

- Fixation : bilateral occiput and forehead – 3 point fixation
- Head angle control: up and down 0~25°
- Cervical lateral angle control : left 15°, right 15°

Lumbar Decompression System

• Lumbar

- Fixation : sacrum and bilateral pelvis - 3 point fixation
- Pelvic angle control: up and down 0~25°
- Lumbar lateral angle control : left 14°, right 14°