Spine MT K-1

Spinal Decompression & Mobilization

World’s standard for spinal treatment
Non-surgical spine rehab treatment device.

Spine MT K-1 is a device with multiple functions designed to treat patients' discs by the area and type. Through feedback between the device and the patient, it is possible to control faster than the body's neural response and minimizes muscle tension during treatment which creates a strong negative pressure between the spinal spaces. Yet, it is a system allowing a comfortable and subtle treatment.

With application of bio-mechanical and medical mechanism, the system enables 3D treatment by setting the lesion, according to the direction and type of disc hernia. Spine-MT K-1 is the world’s standard for spinal treatment. It does not only relieve the symptoms, but also resolves the underlying problems of spinal diseases.

Main Function


Spinal muscles
Facet joint
Sacroiliac joint

Unilateral Correction

Herniated disc site
(lateral, medial)

Decompression & Correction

Logarithmic system
Herniated disc type
(nuclear, annular, combined)

Customized 3 -
Dimensional Treatment

Target angle + Rotation -Stretch /
Unilateral correction + Decompression

Gravity Traction


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