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Spinal Decompression & Mobilization

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Is human’s upright walking a blessing or curse when herniated disc only occurs in humans, not in four-legged animals?

As humans begin to walk upright, humanity gained the freedom of both hands.

However, humans also suffer from an inevitable disease called spinal ailment.

In particular, along with the development of civilization, the number of office workers has increased, and 80 percent of the total population suffers from spinal diseases, at least, once in their lifetime.

In general, spinal diseases are often considered as degenerative diseases that occur as one ages. However, it is important to note that spinal diseases are recently occurring in younger people.

Spinal therapy that diagnoses and treats all diseases, malformations and traumas occurring in the spine, the pillar of the human body, includes many types of diseases. Various diseases may occur including the most typical herniated disc, spinal stenosis that narrows the spinal canal, spondylolysis, scoliosis, inflammation, tumors, fractures, and more.

SHIN-HWA Medical Co., Ltd. studies the human body.
SHIN-HWA Medical Co., Ltd. studies the spine.

SHIN-HWA Medical Co., Ltd.'s technology comes from the relentless passion on R&D activities. SHIN-HWA Medical Co., Ltd. has been proving the effectiveness and the value of non-surgical spine treatment devices through endless research and various clinical trials to make the best products totally trusted by customers.

To become a company that pursues PAIN-FREE WORLD, a company responsible for the spinal health of the world's people, and to fulfill its mission, the light of SHIN-HWAS Medical Co., Ltd.'s R&D center will never turn off.