Spine MT Chi

Spinal Decompression & Mobilization

Spinal rehab device
Spine MT-Chi is a spinal rehab device designed based on the treatment principles by Cox and Cyriax.

The product’s upper portion consists of a head, an upper body, a pelvis, and a lower body so that the patient can lie down. It is equipped with a control computer, so it is a product that enables customized treatment by adjusting each function to suit the patient's condition.

Upper and lower body rotation movement and unilateral correction of the head and waist can be operated by the therapist directly to treat the patient.

It is designed to operate within the range of the motion angle of the human joint and can be safely applied to treatment.

Main Function

Cox mode

Applied the technique of flexion-distraction to the cervical & lumbar

Cyriax mode

Applied the technique of rotation-distraction to the cervical & lumbar

Decompression mode

Decompression works on cervical & lumbar disk

Manual mode

Quantitative treatment function considering characteristics of subject

Special mode

Ability to achieve multiple objectives through multiple options

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